The Sunatul Jamaat of Ontario Canada (SJOC)

About the SJOC

The SJOC is a federally registered non-profit organisation established in 1982. It caters to the religious and social needs of a diverse community. It is located in the south west area of Scarborough and is easily accessible by car or public transportation.

The thirty five thousand square foot building is situated on a five and quarter acres lot. There is parking for three hundred and fifty cars and accommodation for three thousand worshippers at any prayer time. It is open for all five prayers every day.

There is a fourteen thousand square feet space in the building that is used for meetings, dinners, fundraising, classrooms and other general community purposes. The SJOC encourages its members to participate and support its programs such as fund raising, lectures by visiting Islamic scholars and the vibrant Madrasa on its premises.

The SJOC is managed by an executive committee consisting of fifteen members, all whom are elected by the general membership at a biennial general meeting.

It does not receive funding from the provincial or federal government and as such it relies on donations from its members and friends. It strives to promote tolerance and mutual understanding while it seeks to instil god consciousness and awareness of our civic responsibility.