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The Sunatul Jamaat of Ontario Canada provides an array of facilities for the local community. These include, Islamic Advice, Youth Services and sharing of the most up-to-date news within the community

Islamic Advice Clinic

Offering the community free and confidential Islamic advice services. Monday-Thursday 2-4pm, providing guidance on islamic matters.

Funeral Services

We update our community constantly and especially in the event of an unfortunate passing of a member.

Jumah Salaat

November to March

Adhaan 12:30 pm

Khutbah 12:40 pm

Salaah 1:00 pm

March to November

Adhaan 1:30 pm

Khutbah 1:40 pm

Salaah 2:00 pm

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There are no words adequate enough to convey how impressed I am with the Islamic etiquette and feeling I got at this masjid’s iftar on Saturday, June 11th, 2016. The feeling of love, atmosphere and joining of families to eat together in harmony. Great, great blessings.

– Love Brother Farhaad Yahya Ahmed Yusuf (Brother in Islam and Humanity)


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